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 At North Valley Anger Management Consultants, our specialty is helping people take back control of their emotional health, and reclaim their lives.   
North Valley Anger Management Consultants: Are Stress & Anger Taking Over Your Life?

Stress and anger often go hand in hand. For many people, financial issues are the greatest cause of stress most especially with the current impact of COVID-19 and Omicron surges. Am I going to have enough hours this month? What if I get sick? The pressure to make enough to have a place to live and cover all the bills is exhausting ultimately adding additional tension to already overwhelmed lives .  It is during these times of increased stress and emotional strife, that we are the most prone to a dangerous level of anger. We might begin, on an unconscious level, to look for any reason to yell, or start a fight, in order to relieve some of the pressure. The more stressed you become, the more the smallest things can set you off.  You know, common everyday things like someone changing lanes without signaling or  maybe your spouse or child hasn't taken out that trash yet. Whatever the case, it is up to us to be aware and recognize when we feel ourselves starting down overload road and getting angry about things that normally wouldn't bother us. It is up to us to be responsible, and to look for appropriate ways of releasing our stress, anger, and frustration before it impacts others. 

There are many different ways to regulate anger, manage stress, and increase our ability to cope. If you or someone you love are experiencing system overload during these difficult and stressful times you are not alone. COVID-19 and Omicron are creating fatigue, anger, and feelings of overwhelm on a broad spectrum level. I encourage you to seek support such as an anger management class, or other professional intervention to increase your ability to manage emotional surges, de-stress and reclaim  a calmer more enjoyable quality of life.  

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