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North Valley Anger Management Consultants
 At North Valley Anger Management Consultants, our specialty is helping people take back control of their emotional health, and reclaim their lives.   

About Us:


North Valley Anger Management Consultants offers a full spectrum of both educational and mental health counseling services including group and individual anger management classes, domestic violence batterers intervention education classes, individual counseling, conjoint counseling, couples counseling, marriage counseling, and family counseling, and parenting groups. 

Our Team:


Karen Fincher, MA, LMFT, MAC, CBIF, CAMF 

A graduate of Phillips Graduate Institute, with a Master's in Psychology, Ms. Fincher is a licensed marriage and family therapist with additional certifications in several fields including training as a master addictions counselor, anger management, domestic violence batterers intervention, and multiple modalities of the Positive Parenting Program (Triple P). Ms. Fincher's areas of focus, as a counselor and therapist include emotional regulation, attachment disruption, family conflict resolution, parenting, anger management, gambling, anxiety, and trauma recovery. Ms. Fincher specializes in assisting individuals, couples, and families reconnect with themselves and their loved ones to reclaim quality of life. 

Brad Klimovitch, BA, BIF, CAMF

Brad is the President and Co-Founder of the California Association of Anger Management Providers (CAAMP), and Managing Director of North Valley Anger Management Consultants, in Mission Hills, CA.. Brad is a U.S. Army Veteran, with local affiliations serving as a Granada Hills Chamber of Commerce Board Member, President of the Granada Hills Champagne Toastmasters, and Charter Member, Granada Hills VFW Post 2323 member, and past President of the Mission Hills Neighborhood Council.  As a youth baseball league Director, Umpire, and coach he witnessed some disturbing fits of anger from adults who were supposed to be setting the example for their family. With a focus on team cohesiveness and spirit being a priority, redirecting and defusing this negative behavior pattern became a coaching experience for the whole team, from the parents on down to the kids. Leading with inspiration and cooperation by setting aside the negative dominating and intimidating force of overly aggressive behavior. This became the focus of Brad's time on the field, and inspiration for his future business to build and bond. Brad is a certified anger management and domestic violence facilitator committed to supporting his client's ability to develop  awareness, take action, and create positive relationship change.