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Tips To Manage Anger:

The first step in learning to recognize and manage your anger is to understand what, exactly, anger is. Anger is a normal human emotion, that everyone feels once in awhile. Anger, in and of itself, is not the problem. What can become a problem depends on how we express and respond to the feelings we associate with anger. Do we talk about how we feel in a calm and rational manner, or do we explode into a rage, or yell and scream; or even more concerning, do we hit people while exploding? No matter where you fall in the mix of anger expression, we have tips and techniques to help you learn to control your feelings, and begin to express them in a calm and productive manner. Remember, feeling angry is normal. However, hurting the ones you love when you are angry is not.

Anger Tip # 1: Externalize your anger

   Make your anger constructive! Think about why you feel angry, then make a positive, safe, actionable plan to change the situation. 

Anger Tip # 2: Identify the Cause

  Anger is a secondary emotion, which is to say that other, deeper, primary emotions are the root of the feeling being identified as anger. An example of a primary emotion often masked by anger is fear. To identify the fear underneath the anger you would first ask yourself "what is it I am afraid of?" Followed by " what was I thinking and feeling before I realized I was angry?"

                                                     Anger Tip # 3: Moderation

Limiting the amount of alcohol, or other intoxicant imbibed, may greatly increase your ability to manage your frustration and anger levels

Anger, Time Out
Physical Response to Anger

Anger Tip # 4: Time Out


Be aware of your body's anger cues, and remove yourself from the triggering event when you begin to feel the physical signs of your emotional reaction to an event.