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North Valley Anger Management Consultants
 At North Valley Anger Management Consultants, our specialty is helping people take back control of their emotional health, and reclaim their lives. All classes & services are now available online !     

Counseling Services:

Our counseling services are now available online via our secure, encrypted, HIPAA compliant video platform.

Individual Counseling

We specialize in the treatment of stress, anxiety, anger, and depression. Through individual counseling, our goal is to assist our clients with increasing insight, becoming more self-aware, and learning new tools to manage and overcome painful feelings and experiences including those stemming from anger, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, and family stress. 

Family Counseling:

We offer family counseling utilizing a family system approach to assist family members with identifying and embracing a sense of self (differentiation of self) in order to promote and increase family functioning and togetherness through the family therapy process. We all want a deep emotional connection with our loved ones, but too often, the relationships we value most in our lives become frustrating, stressful and disconnected. Through family counseling services, clients explore and gain insight into the patterns that influence and transform relationships into negative, distressing, and toxic patterns of dysfunctional communication. Our goal, via family counseling, is to assist clients with creating new and healthier patterns of communication that foster intimacy and connection.