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North Valley Anger Management Consultants
 At North Valley Anger Management Consultants, our specialty is helping people take back control of their emotional health, and reclaim their lives. All classes & services are now available online !      
Online Parenting Classes:


For parents, the one thing they can rely on about raising children is that their child's behavior will sometimes frustrate, or even challenge, them. This doesn't mean they are bad parents, & it doesn't mean that a child is uncontrollable. Even the happiest of family households struggle with frustration & stress when dealing with their children's behavior; most especially when the parents are under stress themselves. 

At North Valley Anger Management Consultants, our counselors are certified in both standard and enhanced formats of The Positive Parenting Program (Triple P).  Our parenting class provides parenting support & education for parents of children ages 0-12, as well as 12-17 years of age. 

We offer our parenting class online via a secure, encrypted, HIPAA compliant video platform utilizing an evidenced based cognitive behavioral curriculum (Positive Parenting Program (Triple P). 

The fee for our group parenting class is $20.00 per week, and individual parenting is $40.00. 

The class operates on a rolling admission basis, meets online on a weekly basis, and consists of a 10 week curriculum.

For further information, please contact us at 888-992-6479, or email Karen@nvamc.com.